Building efficient cloud-native solutions

Hello, my name is Titus Coleman. I am a cloud and software engineer, here to help your team design and build high-end, scalable solutions for your clients.


AWS Cloud Architect

Analyze company requirements, procedures, and problems to automate business processes. Reviewing system-wide capabilities, workflow, and scheduling limitations to determine upgrades or modification to existing systems.

Front-end Development

Building anything and everything with Typescript / Javascript, CSS and HTML. Proficient with React / NextJS and Svelete / SvelteKit.

Back-end Development

Cloud-native efficiency is important to me. As well as, performance that scales for a global userbase. Proficient with NodeJs and Go. REST / GraphQL APIs.

Blockchain Engineer

Development based on the XRP Ledger (XRPL) or Solana (Anchor framework).


Audiophile eCommerce Mockup


Full-stack eCommerce site built using Next.js, Typescript and Sanity CMS.

Skilled - eLearning

Example eLearning website translated from a Figma design file showcasing my frontend skillset

Skilled - eLearning

Responsive landing page for a fictional fashion site lauch. Built using CSS, HTML, Vanilla Javascript and Supabase backend (using Postgres DB) for email capture.

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