About me

Titus Coleman - portrait

I started my tech career as a Sys Admin getting familiar with PHP and SQL on the job. After a few too many nights in cold server rooms and numerous DDoS attacks, I ventured outside of tech professionally, but I never truly left in my personal life. I realized my passion was to make an impact but also have fun in my career, so I learned to code. “Be obsessed or be average”. A harsh motto to live by but it is deeply motivational for me. I am obsessed with the possibilities of building something foundational to the tech space. Each and every skill I explore and subsequently add to my tool belt has been studied with the goal in mind of improving myself to reach a level where only my imagination can hold me back.

While solo learning never stops, being a part of a strong team and learning from seniors would be key to reaching that goal. With my willingness to learn, hard work and ability to communicate, I will bring the level of teamwork necessary to insure the project is successful while helping others along the way.